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Coastal Explorer let you choose the types of charts you want to use. You can even quilt several types of charts together!


Coastal Explorer uses S-57 ENC vector charts which are the only official vector charts produced by NOAA and the hydrographic offices in most of the rest of the world. Charts for most US waters are available free of charge from the NOAA and US Army Corps of Engineers websites and Coastal Explorer makes it very easy to download and install these charts.


If you prefer to use the older "raster" charts, or vector charts are not yet available for some of your favorite cruising spots, Coastal Explorer will also let you use raster charts in most popular formats, including the new BSB4 format from Maptech and NDI. Coastal Explorer includes Chart Kit / MAPTECH Region 1 - United States Planning Charts - a $199.95 value!


Photo charts are not intended for navigation, but can be a very handy to supliment to your charts. Coastal Explorer supports photo charts from Maptech, SoftChart International, and even GeoTIFF format images you can download from the Internet.


Topographic maps are not suitable for navigation either, but are very handy for hiking around that island you just anchored near! Coastal Explorer can use the topographic maps that are included in many of Maptech's ChartKits as well as the original USGS DRG files which are found in the GeoTIFF format.

Electronic Chart Manufacturers

Coastal Explorer can use charts and maps from these agencies and manufacturers:

NOAA ENC® These vector charts are available for free and cover much of the US coast.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Inland ENC These vector charts are available for free and cover major U.S. rivers.
U.S. Geological Survey The USGS produces "DRG" topographic maps as well as "DOQ" photo charts the the GeoTIFF format which may be used with Coastal Explorer.
Maptech Digital Charts Maptech is the official distributor for NOAA raster charts. They also offer raster charts for many other parts of the world, including the Carribean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Mediterranian.
SoftChart International SoftChart offers low-cost, high-quality, raster charts and PhotoNavigator photo charts for the entire US as well as some other locations.
Nautical Data International, Inc. distributes the official charts of the Canadian Hydrographic Offices under the digital ocean® brand name. Both raster and vector charts are available from NDI.


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