Urania - Summer 2004
Urania's 2004 gourmet cruise with the Seattle Yacht Club and more!
Days 5 and 6: Victoria

We all made it to Victoria yesterday... I think the only "incident" was the Good Fortune which developed "engine problems" as soon as she entered the harbour. This got her a pretty good space on the dock right away. It turned out they were running one engine and their generator on the wrong fuel tank which ran dry... We ended up rafted to them, which made their space even better since we are now their break-water. We have a nice view, but it sure is noisy here!

This is Urania's first time in Victoria which had us pretty excited. It's really pretty here, but unfortunately is really, REALLY touristy.

Last night we had dinner at the Empress, which was very nice, and tonight was appetizers at the Maritime Museum. Most of the crowd went to the spa earlier today... Elizabeth and Diane will go tomorrow as they took Andrea to the pool today so she could play in her new life jacket. I spent most of the day in my own little sauna -- I re-wired some of the electronics in the pilot house.

Day 4: Men's Greenbox at Sidney

Yesterday we were at Sidney where the men hosted a greenbox. I made a "Trio of Dips" which consisted of a humous-like substance made with split peas and laced with calamata olives which I served with seasoned and toasted pita wedges, a curried tomato/jalapeno salsa, and an avocado relish. It turned out to be a competition, and I didn't place. Oh well, I liked it! I was impressed with the other dishes as I sort of expected a lot of pre-made appetizers, but they were all home made!

The first place winner was shrimp skewerd on thyme stems, second place was a seven-layer dip, and third was a curried beef lettuce wrap.

Day 3: Wine and Cheese

Today a bunch of us squeezed into a school bus for a ride around the island with stops at two small wineries and a cheese factory. It was great to finally see more of Saltspring than we've been able to walk to!

Elizabeth and I really enjoyed Garry Oaks Winery and we bought a mixed case. The second winery, Salt Spring Vineyards, was good too, but less to our tastes. We noticed a poster showing all of the wineries operating in the Gulf Islands and it turns out we've been to all but two of them. I guess I know where we're going on our next cruise around here!

The cheese factory turned out to be the place that makes one of our favorite foods from Ganges! It's called Salt Spring Island Cheese and they make a large variety of flavored chevres and a few blues, and a couple semi-hard cheeses. We always have to pick up some of their peppercorn chevre when we come to Ganges!

The cheese factory was at the end of a long winding driveway through some dense woods. None of us were sure the scroll bus should have attempted it, but the driver made it! Of course, he then had to turn the bus around which took awhile and gathered quite a crowd...

Days 1 and 2

Poet's Cove did not have Internet access, so no update from there! Dinner was excellent, however, and the place looks really nice now. They are still planning on rebuilding the docks, but it seems the rest of the remodel is done.

Apparently, Bedwell Harbour was the only manned customs station at a marina in all of Canada, so the government decided to try something new and make it a phone-in station like everywhere else. Clearing was no problem!

By the time Urania got to Ganges (around 1245), it was pretty windy and it was amusing to watch some of the boats try to dock while we awaited our slip assignment. I'm pretty sure everyone eventually got tied down without any major damage...

The Ganges Chamber of Commerce is hosting the second annual Lamb Barbeque as I type. The SYC dock where the event is taking place looks as if it is about to sink from all the people on it! We're about to head over...perhaps we'll bring our life jackets...

2004 Seattle Yacht Club Gourmet Cruise

Welcome to Urania's Blog (web log) of the 2004 SYC Gourmet Cruise! This is where Elizabeth and Brad Christian will attempt to make everyone who is not going on this cruise wish that they were. We'll try to make an update each day of the cruise and even include some photos. This is our first attempt at maintaining a blog, and is also the first use of Brad's new Blogging software, so we'll see how well it goes...

To kick things off, here is the cruise itinerary:

July 5: Bedwell Harbour - Poets Cove Resort

We will be one of the first large groups to enjoy appetizers and dinner in the new Sea Glass Ballroom starting at 1800.

July 6 and 7: Ganges Marina - Saltspring Island

Salmon and Lamb Barbeque sponsored by Saltspring Island Chamber of Commerce. Boats up to 45 feet long should bring a salad, boats 46 to 80 feet should bring a desert, boats over 80 feet should an appetizer or two.

There is an excellent spa at Hastings House. Call Barbara Appleby at 800-661-9255 for reservations.

On July 7th we will tour a gourmet cheese factory and one or two wineries. Details will be announced at the barbeque.

There will be an optional "Clams, Crab and Campfire" event at a nearby private island on the evening of the 7th.

July 8: Port Sidney Marina, Sidney

Picnic Basket lunch on Portland Island between Ganges and Sidney. Be prepared to pack a picnic lunch.

Men's Green Box at 1800. Appetizers not made by men will be promptly rejected.

July 9-12: Victoria Inner Harbour - Victoria

We will have cocktails in the famed Bengal Room at the Fairmont Empress followed by dinner in the dining room.

Spa Day at the Empress on Saturday the 10th. Call Leslie Goodall at 1-866-854-7444 to book your times.

B.C. Maritime Museum at 1800 on the 10th: Cocktail reception and heavy appetizer dinner.

At 1600, board the Olympus or Blue Peter to travel to a surprise waterfront location for a fabulous dinner. Wear your Opening Day uniform (white pants and a blue blazer).