Mea Culpa Specifications
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2000 3388 Bayliner MY
Equipment and Information
Builder / Designer
Bayliner / Us Marine
Purchased:  September, 2002
LOA: 39'2"
Displacement: 15,500 lbs.
LWL: 33'
Draft: 2'8"
Beam: 11' 6"
Bridge Clearance: 17'
Engine(s): Cummins
Hours: 135 (Original)
Engine(s) HP: Twin 250
Cruising Speed: 22 mph
Engine Model: 4BTA Diamond
Max Speed: 29 mph
Cruise Load Range
Cruise Table:
Speed Converter:
Fuel: 200 gal
Water: 90 gal
Holding: 30 gal
Genset:  8KW Westerbeke Marine Air Systems

Passport I/0 controls
PASSPORT II Directions
Flyback Promatic 15-3 Charger
Liberty  1000 AGM Batteries
Mapping:  MapSource BlueCharts
                  Rose Point Coastal Explorer
Radar:  Furuno  1622
GPS:     Garmin 168-Sounder/Plotter 
USCG Documentation and Insurance

 USPS Membership Certificate
Layout 3388

Floor Plan

Hull Exterior

Zodiac C 285 S / Johnson 6 hp Four Stroke
LOA: 9'4"                                                        LWL: 6'11"                                             Beam: 4' 11"

  2008 Zodiac Catalog

C 285 S



2003 Johnson 6 HP 4 Stroke J6R4STS

International Code Flags or Signaling Flags Specifications